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Sell more cars with online marketing for car dealerships

Be seen. Get calls. Make sales. Wooflo digital marketing is proven for automotive dealerships.

We Don't Believe In The "One Size Fits All" Marketing Approach Like The Other Guys...

Tons of Marketing Agencies only offer easy to create, templated marketing plans for their clients. This means that nothing is customized, and they are using all of the same content for ALL of their clients. 😒 We believe that is LAZY and ultimately not in the best interest of our clients. That's why we DON'T cut corners, and give each of our clients a unique marketing strategy to fit their individual markets. Every Doctor that we bring on will have a "Marketing Strategy" call with their Dedicated Account Manager. During that call we will dive deep into your unique marketplace and identify the best strategy to drive tons of new patients to your practice. Additionally, our Elite Ads Specialist will build fully customized campaigns that are specifically branded for your practice. Everything is custom tailored to drive the highest engagement and build brand recognition in your community.

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Car Dealership Marketing

Car dealerships get more customers with internet marketing.

Today, more car dealerships than ever have added internet advertising into their marketing mix. By implementing the right internet marketing strategies, your company can save time and money when reaching out to prospects. This means that you do not need to depend on printing flyers, hiring someone to distribute brochures, and get disappointed when these efforts bear no fruit. If you are looking for an agency that specializes in car dealership online marketing services, you have come to the right place. SmartSites is the premier provider of website design, SEO, and PPC marketing solutions for a wide array of car dealerships.

Car Dealership Websites

Impress visitors with an informative website that markets your dealership.

Our high-performance websites are handcrafted by direct-response marketers and digital growth experts, not ‘web designers’ whose goal is to make things look pretty. We have a relentless focus on the data and user experience – with a primary focus on converting browsers into buyers. Our websites will be a good fit for you if you want to:


Many potential customers nowadays no longer just use desktop computers and laptops to view your car dealership website. A majority of consumers are more tech-savvy than before and will search for information via their smartphones and tablets. This means that your car dealership website must be responsive and mobile-friendly. Whether you are looking to build a website from the ground up or redesign an existing one, we have got you covered. Wooflo’ website design and development team will create a site that excites your prospects and move them down the sales funnel.


Double Your Online Leads (at half the cost): So you are literally getting twice as many customers for the same marketing spend (halving your cost to acquire a customer)
Get an Uplift In Conversions (so the website pays for itself): That’s right, we’ll aim to get you a MINIMUM uplift of 30% on your current website’s conversion rate.
Completely “Done-For-You” service: We’ll handle EVERYTHING for you – so you can get on with the bigger business picture. This includes writing hard-working direct response sales copy, through to a fully custom design and responsive website build
And much much more…

You Next World-Class ( Virtual Garage )

Platform Futures ( more than an average website ) 👇 :
Data Tracker ( screen record & more )
Fully Responsive for all devices
Fully Customisable
Fantastic user experience
E-commerce System integrated
Best Friend with Seo
LightSpeed ( Faster then Elon Rockets )
Advanced Search
Intuitive Map Search
Compare Unlimited Listing Full user Panel
Monetization System
Private Message System
Loan calculatr
Booking system

Achieve long-term success for your car dealership

Get more customers with internet marketing. so how do we generate leads online ?

We generate leads online by carrying out the following services:
Ranking Google My Business Listings
Ranking Youtube Videos Online
PPC  Renting space on the search engine results pages, paying for ads
Marketplaces and Directories
Building Authority Backlinks
Optimising Content with Surfer SEO Organic search engine optimisation techniques
Facebooks Ads – Generating Leads through Facebook advertising
Social – Organic social media posts to gain attraction
Guest Posts – Writing compelling content on related websites or trade magazines
Guest Posts – Writing compelling content on related websites or trade magazines
Brand SERP – Improving the brand results to show up for more terms
And sky-high ROI!

Wooflo Dealership Grower ™ Programs


Our program generates new H.Q leads, revenue and GUARANTEED ROI for your business.


Your IDEAL Clients, increase your show rate and close more new patient cases.


Our proprietary process + hands-on coaching for your team

Win :

When you qualify for our program, you gain a winning formula that pumps in new HIGH-VALUE Clients to grow your practice consistently.

More of Your Ideal Clients.

Wooflo Dealer grower combines the power of Copyrighting, Creativity, and SmartAds to help you see more of your ideal patients and guide them through the entire patient journey . Providing them excellent user experience.

We help you build great reputation

H.Q Lead Generation
H.Q Lead Generation

Google is putting vehicle ads in search to show you nearby cars for sale


SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your car dealership’s website and web presence for search engines so you can get found for queries related to your car dealership’s expertise, car models, and services.

Social Media Impact !
Social Media Impact !

75% of car buyers and 68% of service customers say internet research, including social media and review sites, was the most helpful medium when selecting a car dealership.

Visual Displays Are Important !
Visual Displays Are Important !

Eye-catching graphics displaying promotions and special offers are practical sales tools. Draw attention, create urgency to book that car before the promotion runs out, emphasize scarcity—and get customers to book that limited edition model while it lasts!

What Happens After Your First Month?

Unlike those other guys - we don't believe in tricking Dealerships into some crazy contract. I firmly believe that it is our responsibility to earn your business. Month-after-month. So After your first 3 month working with us, you can stay or leave. Totally up to you. No tricks. And we are able to do this because we are so confident in our ability to provide the best results in the industry that we don't need to trick people into contracts. Our clients CHOOSE to work with us every single month because they know we get them the highest-quality results available.

✔Premium Keywords

Some keywords are unaffordable in SEO because of a lot of competition. When several concessions target 1st place on google searches for a keyword, it becomes very difficult to recover market share. Including these keywords in your Google Ads campaigns allows you to be present on these searches.

✔ Statistics

People who click on ads are 50% more likely to make a car purchase 63,000 searches are processed by Google every second 65% of small and medium businesses have a PPC campaign 46% of clicks go to the first three paid ads in search results 35% of users buy a product within 5 days of searching on Google

✔ Faster than SEO

It takes an average of 3 to 6 months to see the results of a SEO workshop as you need to let Google’s algorithm do its work and it requires a lot of page views. With Google Ads, the impact is almost instantaneous as your ads will be live within a day and you will see the trafic going up straight away.

How to use Social Media to sell more cars?

✔ Target Users When They Are Searching

Social media offer the possibility of targeting an audience using criteria such as demographics, age, content previously consumed on the internet, accounts followed, etc. Using the right audience targeting allows you to target users who are actively looking to purchase.

Target Users Who Know You Already

Once a user has visited your website or interacted with your social media accounts, they are part of the Remarketing audience. We have 30 days to target the user using different methods. Facebook and Instagram are two powerful tools to reach this audience on their phone or computer.

The Social Media Ads Formats

Each strategy has its ad format. Do you want to promote an event? Sell a particular model? Talk about a new model launch? Take advantage of the multiple solutions offered by social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to sell more cars or services.

1) Landing Page Redirects

Select images and videos Set your landing page behind the content. Make sure the experience is spot on. Track user behavior on the website after clicking on the ad (chat, form, calls, etc.) Integrate with your CRM, expand your ROI, then scale up until the sky is yours!

2) Integrated Forms

Same system as Traditional Ads, but instead of redirecting the users to a landing page, use an ad that contains a lead gen form within the app itself. It opens when a user clicks on the image / video / call to action and you can ask pretty much anything you want. Leads can be sent automatically via Email to the addresses of your choice, and also placed into a Google Spreadsheet so your sales follow-up are simplified. Check out the video to see how it works!

3) Facebook Catalog Ads

Connect your vehicle feed (new and used) with the social media apps to create an internal catalog with all your cars. Select a portion of your stock, like a single make or a price range. Or you can go full steam and give a chance to all your cars you never know who’s behind the device. The cars are promoted via carousels, static images, slideshows and all the fanciest stuff whilst preserving a look and feel of a humanly written ad. Target users who are currently seeking for a cars via a connection with your website, as well as using the social media targeting methods. Pretty crazy right? And it works like magic. Come and try!

Let's Talk SEO : Automotive Marketing Workshop SEO

✔ Automotive SEO Objectives

Working on your automotive website SEO will allow you to go back to the top of the Google search page for the keywords that interest you. The higher you are on the search page, the more market share you get from clicks. The more clicks you have, the more leads you have, and therefore more sales! To do an effective job in SEO, do not lean towards "quick and easy" solutions such as buying backlinks in bulk or articles on unfamiliar sites. Google has a sharper eye, and you risk being penalized permanently. When Google penalizes a site, it makes it invisible to any search and it is an irreversible penalty. So if you want to fuel in SEO and get a return on investment, this article is for you! Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need more information

Analyze the SEO of your automotive site

The first step in SEO is to ask yourself what keywords you want your website to go back to when a user searches for them on Google. A particular model? A brand in a more generic way? A type of vehicle (SUV, city cars, trucks..)? At the end of this study, establish a list of keywords for which we want to target the first page on Google. Be realistic and do not try the impossible by targeting the keywords of a brand for which you only have one or two vehicles in stock for example. For the rest, it's time to replenish your tool kit, and for that, here is the list concocted by MyDigipal.

✔ Text on the home page

📊 Create custom text on your homepage between 500 and 800 words Make sure to highlight the keywords from your analysis of the current situation as well as the keywords targeted Add links to key pages (flagship template, contact page, stock page, workshops..)

✔ Backlinks

📊 Find partner websites (automotive sites, local sites ..) that would agree to promote your site on theirs. Write a quality article to highlight your dealership(s) and ask this site to highlight the article with the link attached.

✔Technical SEO

📲 Tags H1, H2, Meta title, if you do not know these elements Keep these elements simple and visually pleasing, they represent your brand image and will have a strong impact on your online visibility.

✔ Blog posts

📲 A frequently updated website allows Google's algorithm to justify a lively and well-maintained website. Create a blog post on a monthly basis by taking up an automotive theme that affects users a lot. You can relay this article on Facebook, LinkedIn and in your online advertisements (Google ads and Facebook ads).

Banner and YouTube Campaigns for Car Dealers

✔ Increase awareness

Display and Video campaigns (Youtube ads) make it possible to reach a large number of people within a target market. Due to its low cost per click, treat yourself to a traffic boost on your website to increase your notoriety in the catchment area. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that Display is not as intrusive as advertising in traditional media when done in a thoughtful, calculated and targeted way.

Banners & Video

Create multiple ads with a different tone of communication, look, and message Reuse visuals that have already worked previously Try different authoring formats


Analyze top-performing messages and replicate them to other ads Check the performance of each audience and each creation (CTR, clicks, conversions, time spent, bounce rate ..)

Convert leads into buyers

Users who already know you represent the remarketing audience. When these users enter this "net", there are many actions to be taken to convert them into buyers. Creating campaigns targeting this audience ensures maximum visibility for a period of 30 days. This is enough to cover a prospect in active research related to an automotive project. Creative and impactful banners, videos on Youtube and other partner websites, make sure you are present when your prospects need it and respond to their offer with a suitable solution.


Leverage Google Audiences, which detect users interested in purchasing one of your products Use all of Google's targeting methods to reach your audience (themes, remarketing, locations, and CIA)

Growth Hack & A/B Test

Distribute the budget evenly across different audiences and creative formats Test A/B landing pages to improve conversion rate Ensure clear and simple tracking to analyze ROI
More Bonuses Revealed in the Demo session
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